What's the Real Story on Gout?

Those who live with this serious, painful and debilitating inflammatory condition reveal what it is really like to live with gout, the moments it can steal, the damage it can cause and the life missed out on.


"Oh, it’s just gout." But gout isn’t something to be dismissed. It is a disease that affects more than just the joints.

How to talk to your doctor about gout


The average person doesn’t understand how much pain I’m in. I did my own research about gout, but never truly understood how to manage it.

What do you need to know about gout?


In many cases, gout can be managed with standard therapies and lifestyle changes.


Struggling to get your gout under control?

For some, even with oral therapies, gout symptoms continue and become out-of-control.

Is my gout out of control? Answer a few questions to find out more.